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Prime Journal Consultants have successfully provided adept consultations to more than 10,000 researchers with a clear objective of making their research publishable.

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PJC ensures consistent support to researchers to get acquainted with the publishing process through our consultancy service. We enable them to publish in high ranking journals and we have a reputed recognition in the publishing industry for more than 15 years. PJC keeps itself updated of the changing publishing environment and implement best policies to cope with them. This is vividly shown in the testimonials of our diversed global clients.


Our competent experts are researchers who have published in renowned journals such as Nature, Science, IOP Publishing, Scientific Oriental Publishing, De Gruyter’s Publishing, PLOS and Journal of Business Management. Using their experience, our research scholars provide their professional expertise to every phase of your research process, making certain that your research is publishable.


Prime Journal Consultants is well-known for its authentic resources and quality services. To ensure ease in the publishing process, Prime Journal Consultants offers the following competent services:

Research Assistance

If you stuck anywhere in the research process, PJC will provide you with the required assistance in research and adept hypothesis creation, data acquisition, data gathering and data analysis to ensure the timely publishing and dissemination of your research.

Research Review

To ensure global standards and expeditious acceptance of your research, our professional editors will provide a comprehensive technical review of your manuscript before it undergoes the peer-review process.

Publication Consultant

With our renowned expertise to enable quick and successful publication of your research, Prime Journal Consultants will assist you throughout the publishing process from the proper formatting of your manuscript to its wide dissemination.


Prime Journal Consultants adhere to open accessibility of research to enable its quick dissemination. Our publishing process inherently includes open accessibility of your research publications.


Prime Journal Consultants provides a range of resources to help you in the research publication process. Our professional consultants have ensembled a plethora of relevant and updated resources to help you make the process easier, manageable and adherent to the strictest quality necessary for successful publishing.

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Make sure you follow global standards for publishing.


Make sure your voice is heard globally.


Make sure your publication is disseminated globally.


Make sure your institution has accessibility to global research databases


Prime Journal Consultants is well-known for its authentic resources and quality services.

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