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Prime Journal Consultants have successfully provided adept consultations to more than 10,000 researchers with a clear objective of making their research publishable.

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PRIME JOURNAL CONSULTANTS is well-known for its authentic resources and quality services. Our team is well aware of the needs in publishing and provides thorough and detail-oriented guidance during your publishing process.

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Authors Resources

PRIME JOURNAL CONSULTANTS center around the quality of research area and our authors resources make sure that your research does not lack in any aspect. Get our authors assistance and enhance your confidence on your paper.

Services Provided

The Author resource services will assist you from the initial stage of submission to the final publishing of the manuscript in the relevant journal.
1. Review 2. Recheck 3. Format 4. Publish

Advertising Resources

PRIME JOURNAL CONSULTANTS assist you to promote your research by utilizing our customized resources. We make sure that your research is disseminated to your target audience.

Sponsorship and Advertising

Make your research more credible and efficient with our sponsorship and advertising resources and deliver the best to your readers on an appropriate platform of publications.
Alternatively, if you would like to find out more about the products and services on offer, then please view our dedicated advertising and corporate sales website for more information.

Advertising Options

We serve you with the most advanced and well-required options get better results.
Print: : For the exposure of your research, print subscription is still considered to be an effective one. Get in touch with us and run your print campaign in our publications to achieve your goals.
Digital: Online platforms have taken over all the area of advertising quite efficiently. We believe that it is the best source to reach your target audience in no time and our advertising services make it easier for you.

Librarian Resources

We deal with the wide range of libraries to provide research-oriented resources with best quality. Our experts focus on the on the relevancy and authenticity to judge and utilize library resources and make your work diligent.

Librarians’ Resource Centre

PRIME JOURNAL CONSULTANTS has developed its reputation by assisting numbers of libraries in order to promote their journal content. The resources we provide will help you to make easy institutional access and get your research refined by the diversity of knowledge.


Prime Journal Consultants adhere to open accessibility of research to enable its quick dissemination. Our publishing process inherently includes open accessibility of your research publications.


Prime Journal Consultants provides a range of resources to help you in the research publication process. Our professional consultants have ensembled a plethora of relevant and updated resources to help you make the process easier, manageable and adherent to the strictest quality necessary for successful publishing.

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Make sure you follow global standards for publishing.


Make sure your voice is heard globally.


Make sure your publication is disseminated globally.


Make sure your institution has accessibility to global research databases


Prime Journal Consultants is well-known for its authentic resources and quality services.

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