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Make your idea clear

To convey the focal point of your research, you should be clear on the objective of your research. This can be augmented by having a properly formed outline for your manuscript.

Start with the Introduction

Introduction of a Manuscript has an important role in creating an impact on the target audience. Necessarily, for publishing in a journal, only the relevant and concise information are elucidated in the introduction.

Ensure consistency. Rephrase!

The Prime Journal Consultants should not be diverse to the level where user can get confused. Little research with optimizing outcomes is the right way to convey your research objective to the reader whereas; it enhances the credibility and prevents the chances of irrelevancy in research.

Proofread and ask for experts’ suggestions

There is no chance to write without any error however, proofreading can help to remove most of these errors certainly. A thorough proof-reading of your manuscript is necessary prior to submission. For ensuring the quality and standards of the manuscript, it is best to get the experts reviews on your work.

Use academic language

For writing a manuscript that fulfills the criteria for Journal publications, it is essential to choose correct words and writing style. The manuscript must be easily understandable while should be developed with formal writing techniques.

Conclude the document well

Concluding the whole document fulfills the objective of the research. For that reason, writers are required to put extra attention to the conclusion of the manuscript in order to simplify the understanding process of the reader.

Keep the Journal standards in mind

Writing for a journal requires knowing the journal first. Distinct journals have distinctive requirement criteria for publication, so it is suggested to select the relevant journal first in order to write in their particular guided direction.

Use Graphs and tables for better presentation

The results of any research become more effective if they are presented in a more understandable form. Perhaps, theoretical results can work efficiently; graphical representation of results and tables for data representation is preferable.

Our Process

Prime Journal Consultants follows the effective steps that can lead the useful research to the successful publications. Every step is taken under the supervisory of the experts in that particular field while our customers tag along in each and every step of process.

Structure Your Writing
For Writers

  • Draw the Outline

    To design the structure of your research, we recommend you to jot down the outline of your research so that it is followed through out the publication's lifecycle. This makes it easy to follow the main themes of your research.

  • Make Hierarchial Headings

    In order to communicate effectively with the readers, we recommend that you divide your research hierarchially in such a way that the reader can follow the purpose of your research with ease. Please refer to IMRaD (Introduction, Method, Research and Discussion).

  • Stick to the Headings

    Your research outline should provide you with all the headings that are required for your publication. We recommend that you stick to those headings and create sub headings for further topics to create relevancy in your publication

  • Structure your sentences

    Sentencing structuring provides a distinctive element to your publication. We recommend that you use simple vocabulary, short sentences and a formal writing style to have a more meaningful impact.

  • Find relevant resources

    Every journal provides a list of requirements for authors (author guidelines). We recommend that you should acquire the document template, distinctive to the journal you want to publish in, and format your manuscript accordingly.

  • Maintain a content table

    Maintaining a content table provides a progressive direction to your manuscript. We recommend that you should always maintain a table of contents, with your main and sub headings, to help you organize your research.

  • Provide relevant references

    While writing your manuscript, you should always give credit to any publication(s) you are using to explain your research. Providing references for your numeric data is mandatory, if you are taking it from any other publication(s).

  • Tabulate your result

    Whereever possible, your research data should always be tabulate. This is a very effective way of representing your data to the reader. It is easy to comprehend and it also helps you during the analysis and discussion part of your manuscript.

  • Labeling

    Please make sure that your figures are properly labeled, indexed and reference. Having a list of figures always helps in keeping your research organized and communicates well with the reader. .


Prime Journal Consultants adhere to open accessibility of research to enable its quick dissemination. Our publishing process inherently includes open accessibility of your research publications.


Prime Journal Consultants provides a range of resources to help you in the research publication process. Our professional consultants have ensembled a plethora of relevant and updated resources to help you make the process easier, manageable and adherent to the strictest quality necessary for successful publishing.

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