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Research Picks

Computing and Mathematics

  • Advances in quantum algorithms
  • Reimann Series applications to network topology
  • Analytical series applications to quantum algorithms

Economics and Finance

  • The implication of COVID-19 on US stock
  • The differences between macro and micro-economics
  • Predicting stock market trends

Education, Knowledge and Learning

  • STEM Education: The progress in childhood learning techniques
  • The advent of online degrees and their credibility
  • US government policies for colleges to increase learning in STEM education

Energy and Environment

  • The need for renewable energies: the crisis in the Middle East
  • Increasing the solar efficiency of photovoltaics
  • Environmental consequences of targeted bio-genetics

Healthcare and Biosciences

  • Implementation of public health policies to combat COVID-19
  • The role of health care policies to circumvent pandemics
  • Biosciences: are genetic modifications required for increasing herd immunity

Management and Business

  • Operations Management: how it efficiently manages corporate resources
  • Implementation of a systems management framework for the IT industry
  • How business intelligence (BI) helping businesses

Public Policy and Administration

  • The implementation of US public policy to circumvent street crimes
  • The role of corporate directors in managing business administration
  • New approaches in dictating public policies in pandemics

Risk, Safety and Emergency Management

  • The role of emergency health care in managing sudden cardiac arrests
  • Risk Management: is it necessary for startups?
  • Neonatal Medicine: is the emergency room capable of life saving procedures

Science, Engineering and Technology

  • Heat treatment for carburizing gear teeth in sports cars
  • Internet of Things: is the boom still applicable
  • Particle Physics: the church of Physics

Society and Leisure

  • The role of individuals in combating COVID-19
  • Heading to the mountains: here are 5 things you should know
  • Scuba diving: the myths you shouldn’t consider


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